Here's the amazing lineup we have on our mainstage at Summerfest DC! Not all bands play all sessions, so be sure to buy the right tickets for the band you want to hear! 



If you're longing for the days when Danny Tanner could solve everything with a hug and presidential scandals only involved ruining a marriage, allow us to take you on a musical journey to that magical last decade of the 20th century.  Whatever flavor -- be it Alternative, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, or Country -- if it's 90s, White Ford Bronco will play it.



Sub-Radio is a six piece pop-rock band from Northern Virginia. Originally from Sterling, VA, Sub-Radio began in 2011 and has been playing large festivals and venues throughout the east coast since then. Compared to bands such as Maroon 5, Smallpools, and Two Door Cinema Club, Sub-Radio amazes audiences with guitars, keyboard, and catchy vocals. 


HIS DREAM of lions

His Dream Of Lions is a band whose vision, lyrical sentiment, and musicality invites listeners in with hard hitting rock, and in the end leaves them with a message of what it is to be young and alive



Living out of his car on a never-ending tour across the US, Andrew Tufano has captured more than his fair share of song-worthy stories. Marrying a blend of folk-americana fingerpicking and soul-stained vocals, Tufano's live show is a contiguous narrative about his experiences writing a song every morning while performing in a different city every night.


DJ Black Wizard

Born Dan Ridley in Baltimore, MD, DJ Black Wizard was born with a passion for real hip-hop. Some of his major influences included DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tanz, DJ Jam Master Jay and 9th Wonder. From his innovative style, to choosing the right crowd-pleasing sound, to his unparalleled mixes , DJ Black Wizard exemplifies the spirit of a true hip-hop DJ. 

Summerfest mainSTAGE SCHEDULE 

Session 1: 

12 Noon: Andrew Tufano

12:45 p.m.: Sub-Radio

2 p.m.: White Ford Bronco

Session 2: 

3:30 p.m.: Andrew Tufano

4:20 p.m.: White Ford Bronco

5:40 p.m.: Sub-Radio

Session 3: 

7:45 p.m.: His Dream of Lions

9:05 p.m.: Sub-Radio

Session 4 (Sunday): 

2:00 p.m.: His Dream of Lions

3:15 p.m.: Sub-Radio


DJ Black Wizard will be playing the DJ Stage throughout ALL FOUR SESSIONS!