Our final culinary pairings are still subject to our chef's decisions with what ingredients to source to match with our ten "feature beers" that will have a pairing, but here's just a taste of the options that we are currently considering and should represent the final style of what we'll be offering to savor. We're proud to announce that all our ingredients are organic and locally sourced from the Mid-Atlantic region for best taste, freshness, and social responsibility.


Barbecued Shrimp

grilled cajun spice-rubbed shrimp on a spicy Chorizo cake

Diver Scallops

skewered scallops wrapped in peppered bacon, oven roasted

Beef Wellington

beef tenderloin seared and topped with wild mushroom duxelle and goose liver, wrapped in

puff pastry and baked until golden brown

Italian Meatballs

bite-sized, oven roasted meatballs in a tomato basil meat sauce

Lamb Samosas

minced lamb, curried onion, and currants folded in crisp phyllo leaves with cilantro sauce

Croque Monsieur

grilled brioche layered with ham and Gruyere cheese

Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Caps

crumbled fennel sausage, mushroom and shallot filled mushroom caps broiled with a touch of


Peking Duck

roasted Peking duck in miniature pancakes with spring onion and hoisin sauce

Duck Pastrami

house cured duck pastrami with pickled rhubarb, golden raisins and pretzel wafers

Lattice Potato Chips

breast of chicken, golden raisins and celery heart salad on potato crisp