You're a Very Important (Beer Drinking) Person 

At Summerfest DC, we have an option for people who would like a little extra time sampling the beers -- and want to do it in an environment with more features. Here's what you can expect as a VIP attendee:

• VIPs will enjoy a dedicated entrance with no wait and exclusive VIP reserved area. 

• VIPs will be able to enter their chosen session 30 minutes early at 12:30 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, having the run of the place until general admission begins. With 65+ beers on tap, plus 4 VIP-only beer options, you've got a pretty great beer-to-guest ratio working in your favor!

• You'll have access to VIP-only restrooms in the reserved VIP space

•You'll receive a larger VIP souvenir glass--a full pint!--four times larger than the general admission's taster cup -- so you'll get larger samples of the VIP-exclusive beers and your samples in the general admission area will be larger too -- about 4 ounces!

•You'll receive our Summerfest signature "CoozieLanyard"-- custom designed to hold your pint glass to keep your beer cold and your hands free! 

•4 VIP-exclusive beers will be on tap for those larger pours & 3 high end wines will also only be available in the VIP. The 2019 selections will be posted soon.

The 2018 VIP-only beers were: 

  • Stone (Escondido, CA) -- Go To IPA (4.8% ABV, 3.95 BeerAdvocate rating)

  • Stone (Escondido, CA) -- Loral & Dr. Rudi's Double IPA (8.9% ABV, 3.95 BeerAdvocate rating)

  • Pale Fire (Harrisonburg, VA) -- Deadly Rhythm Pale Ale  (4.8% ABV, 3.6 BeerAdvocate rating)

  • Pale Fire (Harrisonburg, VA) -- Red Molly Irish Ale (6.5% ABV, 3.71 BeerAdvocate rating)

 The 2018 VIP wines were: 

  • Tenuta Sant'Anna (ITALY) - Pinot Grigio Classico 2015

  • Jean-Max Roger (FRANCE) - Sancerre

  • Domaine Francois Millet (France) - Rosé

  • and a handful of "Surprise VIP wines!"

•Finally: a sensible price--at just $20 dollars more--why WOULDN'T you go VIP? Buy your VIP ticket today OR purchase a VIP upgrade for your general admission ticket on our tickets page!